Feedback is everyone’s business

Sidekick makes peer to peer feedback something for the whole team to be involved in, instead of being a process that only a few get to do and learn from.

It’s all about peer review

At the core of superb support is honest, growth-oriented peer review. Sidekick helps your team provide reviews in a simple and quick way.

Death to the spreadsheet

If you’re like us, you’re tired of losing team and individual performance data to unruly spreadsheets. With Sidekick, it’s all in one place and easy to understand.

Smarter QA, Smarter Team

Surface issues you never knew existed quickly and iterate faster than ever.
To get started, all your team has to do is review tickets using the Sidekick Chrome extension. Head to the real-time dashboard to get up to the second stats on your team and individual performance.

Discover info you need to know now

Use the search bar to find specific reviews written or received by anyone on your support team during a specific time period. Using multiple queries at once allows even finer control, giving you the insight you need to continually improve.

A rubric honed over time

Every team starts with a rubric which emphasizes thoroughness, authenticity, and memorability in each customer interaction. Or, feel free to customize your team's core values and metrics for a more personalized evaluation.

Privacy as a Feature

Nobody wants wants their data snooped on or re-sold to the highest bidder. That's why our privacy policy clearly states that we'll never collect Personally Identifiable Information and that we'll do as much processing as possible right on your own computer.

Giving and getting feedback
has never been so simple.

Use Sidekick and see how your team starts collaborating with precise, actionable, and timely feedback like never before.

  • Track individual and team performance over time
  • Reduce learning curve and get new team members booted up quickly
  • Promote camaraderie by recommending subject matter experts for areas that need focus
  • Peace of mind with auto-save and offline synchronization
  • Real-time awareness of collective strengths and weaknesses
  • Great for teams of 3 or 300

Simple pricing, huge impact

Teams of up to 10 people are always free.


  • Up to 10 Users
  • Peer Reviews
  • Team Analytics
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  • Up to 50 Users
  • Peer Reviews
  • Team Analytics *
  • Custom Rubrics *
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  • For 50+ Users
  • Peer Reviews
  • Team Analytics
  • Custom Rubrics
  • Branded Reporting
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